Special Needs
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1. We aim to ensure that we follow the procedures in line with the DFES Code of Practice as revised in January 2002.

2. To promote that all children irrespective of needs have equal opportunity and access to the whole curriculum.

3. To believe, without prejudice, that the nursery philosophy will embrace all children and their families. To work in partnership with parents., acknowledging, encouraging and valuing their input.

4. Our system of observing and assessing children enables us to monitor the individual needs of every child. Individual Educational Plans (IEPS) will be reviewed every two months. Parents/carers will be consulted at every stage of the process. All discussions and record keeping regarding any child is confidential (see confidentiality policy).

5. To provide a designated member of staff who has special training and responsibility for SEN (see staff notice board). All staff will be encouraged to promote an inclusive environment and to attend in-house training and other relevant courses provided by the LEA and other outside agencies.

6. To work with parents, other professionals e.g. speech and language therapists, educational psychologists and early years support services, to seek advice on how to effectively meet the child’s needs.

7. Parents have the right to independent advice through the parent partnership service.

This document was updated on 4th July 2002 and will be continually reviewed.